What happens if you eat too much Maggi?


What happens if you eat too much Maggi?


Primary point: Any fast food or processed food is not good for your health when consumed daily.

I can say Maggi has side effects when consumed daily as it contains maida, high sodium and flavor enhancers.
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  • Maggi is made from all-purpose refined flour which increases sugar levels when consumed in high quantity.

  • Maggi is double fried to give it that non-sticky, waxy appearance
    The process for making Maggi noodles involves deep-frying the ingredients not once, but twice!
    The product does not look like oily when opening and does not stick when hot. Eating these type food increases waistline you stomach.

  • Maggi is very rich in Sodium
    Excess Sodium (Salt) increases the chances of increasing water retention (causes puffiness of the face and body), dehydration and hypertension (high blood pressure).

I can say eating too much Maggi daily increases chances of damage to the cardiovascular system.

Positive and negative effects of maggi