Advantages of eating maggi


what are benefits/advantages of eating maggi?


Maggi is a ready to eat Indian food which is widely used a quick snack as the preparation time is under 5 minutes, however, the manufacturer claims Maggi can be cooked in 2 minutes

It contains refined wheat flour which is easily digestible. It is flavorful and tastes good when it is served hot.

Even though Lot of people enjoy eating Maggi daily. My suggestion is to eat Maggi once in a while. Not daily.
How healthy is Maggi?
The noodles provide 10% of your daily calcium and 12% of your daily iron requirement. Other than that the Maggi brand noodles have no nutritional benefit.

Is Maggi bad for weight loss?
Maggie instant noodles is made from maida and low in calories. This may reduce your daily calorie intake. But these noodles are also low in fiber and protein and high sodium.
I can tell you maggie noodles may not support lose weight